Every child who is registered for Art and Sol will be cast in our big musical production. We will have Audition Workshops available in August to teach every child how to audition for the part they want to try out for. The workshop is not required, but we highly recommend going to one! We coach kids and help them feel confident for their big audition.


1. You must register your child before receiving the Audition Google Form.

2. Each student will fill out our Google Audition Form with a picture/head shot.

3. *NEW: All students will submit an audition video (reading a small monologue that we will provide and singing a 30 second song of their choice). **If your child wants to audition for a LEAD part, we will ask them to sing a second song from the show in their video audition.  Parents need to link the video submissions to their child’s Google Audition Form and these are DUE by Saturday, September 4th. (You can turn yours in any time before!)

4. CALL BACKS: We will hold Call backs for selected students. Everyone will get a part in our shows, but we do not need to see everyone at our in person call backs.  We will notify students who are called back by Wednesday, September 14th . Call backs for Arcadia students will be Friday, September 16th 4:30-7:30 p.m. Call backs for Central Phoenix will be Saturday, September 17th 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Call backs for Scottsdale will be Saturday, September 17th from 4:30-7:30 p.m.

4. We will have our first classes on the week of September 20th after the cast lists are announced.

Audition Requirements for “The Lion King, Jr.”
*Students must be enrolled in our session class in order to audition.
*Students must audition at the location they are planning on attending the session class.
*All students must fill out the Google Audition Form to be considered for auditions by Saturday, September 4th.


Call back Date for Tuesday Classes:
September 16th (Friday)
Call backs Only
4:30-7:30 p.m.




Call back Date for Wednesday Classes:
September 17th (Saturday)
Call backs Only
4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.



Central Phoenix

Call Back for Thursday Classes
September 17th  (Saturday)
Call backs Only
10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.



*Please remember all children get a part,
but we need to audition them to see which parts they are ready for!
*Your child can double their chances at a bigger role if they audition for “either” cast.
 Make sure to mark this correctly on your child’s audition form.
*The Audition Form link will be emailed to you after your registration has been processed.
*We offer terrific Audition Workshops to help your child prepare for their audition.  A workshop is not mandatory, but really helps your child feel confident and comfortable at our audition!
More Audition Information
*You must audition if you want a lead role in the play. You will be asked to list your top three roles that you would like in the play. If your child is too shy to audition, that is okay too! We will give them an ensemble part.
*If you are happy being an ensemble part, please come to our Audition Workshop anyways! It is a great way to learn confidence to audition the next time. The workshop is also an exciting introduction to our program.
*If we do not receive your audition videos, we will give your child an ensemble role.
Come join us for one of our
Audition Workshops!
Does your child show tons of enthusiasm to perform at home, but feels too scared to audition for theater? We have developed a one day workshop especially for you! During our fun-filled workshop, children will learn how to prepare a vocal and acting audition for ANY role. We will teach these skills while focusing on our upcoming auditions, so children will feel prepared for auditions!
At Art and Sol Audition Workshops,
Children will…

*Learn audition techniques!
*Learn how to act/project to the “camera” in a professional way!
*Practice their vocal audition song with our Vocal Director!
*Get extra practice acting our audition monologues!
*Get coaching on how to enhance your vocal and acting auditions.
*Learn how to prepare for any auditions!
*Have fun!

Audition Workshops: Pick one and register in our Box Office!
12:00-3:30 p.m.

Saturday, August 13th in Scottsdale!

Saturday, August 20th at Madison #1 Middle School!

Saturday, August 27th in Arcadia!